June 29th, 2013

East Hampton Shed is pleased to kick off its 2013 summer program with the solo exhibition Hot Danger Moment by New York based artist Brian Kokoska. The exhibition presents recent and early works by Kokoska, including an edition of complimentary suntan stencils made exclusively for East Hampton Shed. The exhibition will run for one night, opening Saturday, June 29th at 6:00 P.M. Thereafter, works are available to view by appointment only. (cv)

Brian Kokoska's visceral portraiture makes no distinction between the human image and the myriad of social and technological ways in which we currently perceive and abstract face-time. In Kokoska’s work, a difference is intentionally undefined between the mask and the wearer. His portraits are not images made from paint but of paint; portraits of masks over absent faces. The emotive marks found in his paintings showcase both the absence and three-dimensionality of the medium, at the same time coexisting with a physical presence introduced by sculpture. An effect arises similar to that of a cute cartoon image brought to life, turned grotesque and void of all recognizable emotional status.

Notably in Kokoska’s most recent sculpture/painting pairings, a primary figure is set away from the wall on a skinny, artist-built pedestal. Perhaps akin to early cave paintings, which seem to float on the wall of the cave, Kokoska's sculpture portraits oscillate the exhibition space, anchored by a painting installed directly behind constituting a 100% picture plane background. The painting in this case mimics a halo effect for its sculptural component. These behind-paintings (often less image heavy than the artist's paintings which have no 3D pairing) act as a detached shadow: an ethereal, semi-visible connection between the two physical objects (as if tied together by Spooky Action or a decentralized cave allegory).

Nate Hitchcock & Hadley Vogel, June 2013