July 9th - August 9th 2016

July 9th

East Hampton Shed is pleased to announce I'm a Horse Now, a group exhibition, curated by Brian Kokoska.

Works by Barry Doupé, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Rachel Malin, Donna Huanca, Kareem Lotfy, Brian Kokoska, Abby Lloyd, and Ronald "Bigfoot" Johnson.


I’m a horse now
so nothing else matters

But you’ll go straight to hell boy

House me in your barnyard
and take me near the ocean
let’s end this

Is everyone okay

Hit me harder then kiss me but then
throw me off a balcony


I’m gonna walk dem golden stairs boy
He will be there when you are crying

But i’m a horse now

I can see clearly now that the pain has come
you have spiders in your hair
and your hands are meant for homicide

So catch a falling star n put it in your pocket
save it for a rainy day

You’re a spider i’m a small angel
and i’m a horse now